Looking for That Extra Little Something? pt2 Ratgard

Ratgard are clearly a very small modelling operation with only two Imperial Guard Chimera variants on offer. One changes the overall look of the basic IFV Chimera and the other is an AA alternative to GW's/ ForgeWorlds Hydra

Lets look at the IFV variant known as the Sciuridae (The Latin name for the Squirrel family apparently). This is an 8 piece resin kit that replaces existing parts of the Chimera model mainly the top of the hull, turret and back door.

The parts look clean and when placed upon the model do give it a Soviet BMP-1 look due mainly tothe sleek low turret and twin back doors. This is a nice subtle mod kit and I think is a great direction for Imperial Guard vehicle modders to go.

The Cold-War era BMP series is clearly the inspiration for this mod kit.

A good look at the twin back doors and view slats.

You can see the sleek profile the new top and turret gives the kit.

If there is any criticism in the kits it is the lack of turret weapon options but this is a small gripe over an otherwise great looking kit.

Now lets look at their second offering, The Hedgehog AA gun. Again this is a large multi-part resin kit consisting mainly of a large quad-cannon turret assembly that retrofits the existing Chimera model and fulfils the role as a Hydra alternative.

Again it is pretty clear to see the similarities between the Hedgehog and the Soviet Tunguska vehicle . The mod looks great and the attention to detail is fantastic, I especially like the optional radar dish cover.
Guns held high, this looks like a great kit.

It really does look like it's real world counterpart.

Now lets face it, the basic Chimera is one of the oldest vehicle designs still knocking around the GW range and I think Ratgards attempt to update it is great. In going with a Cold War retro theme as oppose to the traditional Great War or WWII that GW and ForgeWorld have in the past, his kits will give anyone's army a distinct theme and would look great with a Valhallian or Vostroyan army. I just hope the kits are successful as I would love to see even more Imperial army mod kits in a Cold-War era style.

BTW The wonderful images above are mostly from the Ratgard website and are not my own work.

Go check them out at Ratgard's website!

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  1. that Chimera looks fantastic. pity about the hydra, as i think that looks poo, lol :)

    i expect it's only a matter of time before GW does them for copywrite infringement though.


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