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Ok so as a blog this is a little bare at the moment but I have had quite a bit of Uni work this week and haven't had a chance to add any more to it. This will change this week!

You will see a review of some community games available on Xbox Live. See what users can expect from their MS points.

You will also see an article on some of the arcades in London, focusing on the one and only Casino Arcade.

Also in the pipeline is an article on London Metropolitan Universities Games Studies course.

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Finish Him!!!!

I have never really been into fighting games. Maybe its because I never owned a SNES. Over the years I have tried countless different fighters and the only one that I could say I enjoyed was Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast. Despite this I took the plunge today and bought Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on XBLive.

Now my only other experience of the MK franchise was the original game on the Megadrive. I remember it being one of the easier fighting games to learn the basics of and in my early teens the excessive blood and fatalities made it a wonderful gory spectacle for me and my friends but I probably traded it in a few weeks after buying it for something shooty.

All these years later and after an hour or two of playing UMK3 I am well impressed. It is clearly a game of hidden depths and I can not wait to explore the various fatalities, special moves and combos available. Ok so the graphics by todays standard are more than a little camp and the sound isn't going to be winning awards but that's not what gaming is about. It's about the thrill of ripping the head and spine from your opponent and then watching his lifeless corpse slump to the ground. What more could you want from a fighting game?

A warm welcome

Welcome friends, fellow gamers and digital entertainment enthusiasts. The blog you are reading will hopefully over the coming weeks and months become a place to hear about my adventures in video gaming. Each blog could be a review, a rant, a piece about some of my University work or could be just about anything my mind conjures up in the wii small hours.

Well if you have bothered to read this far you are about to be rewarded with some wonderful information about yours truly.

I have been gaming since 1983. My first real gaming experience came playing Blasto on a TI99/4a owned by my older brother.

The first games system I owned was a Commodore C64. This system more than any other holds a special place in my heart.

I will always ALWAYS pick Sega over Nintendo. this goes back to my Megadrive days and my reading of Sega Power magazine.

Despite the amount of time over the years I have dedicated to playing video games, I have never really been any good at them. The only exception to this was X-Wing vs TIE fighter Alliance.

I currently own the following games systems: Sega Megadrive, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox360, Commodore C64 (2), Sony PS2, Gameboy Advanced and a couple of PC's

Well that's about all for now, keep popping back for more.

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