Review: Sega Saturn USB gamepad

A quick review of my goto retro controller.

I bought this off eBay a while ago now, there was allot of buzz about them on one of the forums I visit (shmups.com) so decided to take the plunge.

Now I'm not here to say whether these are original Sega pads with a USB cable stuck on or whether some enterprising factory owner in China has decided to make a copy old the Saturn pad. What I am going to say is this:

This game pad is fantastic! I use it with all my emulators from MAME to WinVICE , Both the Pad itself and the buttons have a wonderful feel and it is beautifully responsive. It works perfectly with Joy2key too.

I would recommend this pad to anyone looking for a good USB gamepad.

Just search ebay for: Sega Saturn USB there should be loads for sale

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Blazblue gets PAL release

from eurogamer.net

The highly acclaimed 2D fighter Blazblue is set to land on European shores in 2010. For those of you to impatent to wait there is always the Casino Arcade on Tottenham Court Road which has a beautiful HD cab all set up for you in the basement.

Now lets all just hope we get PAL releases of some nice 2D shooters like Deathsmiles, Raiden IV and Mushimisama
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