Blood Angels

Blood Angels 3rd Company, Strike Force Furio, River Chaeron , 2nd War for Armageddon
Strike Force Furio was dispatched to secure or destroy a number of Bridges along the river Chaeron during the first few hours of the Blood Angels legendary assault. During one of these attacks, Captain Florian was struck down by enemy fire and mortally wounded. Command of the strike force and the whole of 3rd company would normally have fallen to the next senior company Sergeant but orders were sent by Dante himself to promote Sergeant Tycho of the Sanguinary Guard to 3rd company commander.

Captain, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Jump Pack.

Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack, Power Weapon, Hand Flamer
(5) Sanguinary Guard, Death Masks, Chapter Banner, 1x Inferno Pistol
(5)Terminator Squad, Cyclone launcher

Furioso Dreadnought

(10)Tactical Squad, Flamer, Missile Launcher.[170] + Rhino, Extra Armour, HK Missile.

(10)Assault Squad, (Power fist, Plasma Pistol), Flamer, Meltagun.

(5)Scout Squad, Heavy Bolter

(6)Death Company, 2x Power weapon, Thunder Hammer, Inferno pistol + Razorback, TL Lascannon, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour. 

(6)Devastator Squad, 1x Missile Launcher 1x Plasma Cannon 

Dreadnought, Multi-melta, Extra Armour 

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