About as old skool as you can get.

I have recently started playing chess against my girlfriend. Only on Facebook I may add but chess is chess right? Well according to her no. You see in the past when we have played using a normal chess set at her parents house she has beaten me on all but one occasion (and she helped me work out checkmate in that game!). However out of 4 games on facebook she has been unable to win a single one.
So we are planning to invest in a cheap chess set to see if this theory s true. Maybe it's because I can read a 2D overhead view better than her (or she is better a reading a real chess board than me).

We shall see



I have never been into fighter games but my local arcade is full of them and has also just got Street Fighter IV.

This has flung me into action! I have finally decided to learn how to play Street Fighter.

The version I am using is Hyper Street Fighter II on the PS2 and my first task is to learn how to do Ken and Ryu's famous dragon punch.

I thought it would be easy. I watch people in the arcade do them over and over and over again.

So why am I finding it so bloody difficult? It either ends up as a normal uppercut or shoots out a Hadouken. If I do manage to actually pull of the move it is entirely by accident.

I need more practice :(


For products like this, we have been waiting AGES

Ever wish you never threw away your old Sega Megadrive? Ever thought about buying a second hand one of Ebay but were a little iffy about the cost or the condition?

Well if you answered yes to either of these two questions (or if you are still reading) I may have the products for you.
You see there has been somewhat of a Megadrive revival recently.

First up if you own a PS3 or an Xbox360 you could purchase Sega Megadrive: Ultimate Collection. A nice compendium of a great number of classic MD games. RRP is £29.99 but shop around and it can be found cheaper.

There are also a couple of other ways to get your hands on some of that Sega goodness thanks to a company called Blaze. Currently at their website, segaretro.net they have three products on offer. The Sega Megadrive Handheld, The Sega Megadrive Twinpads and last but not least The Sega Megadrive Console.

The Handheld is a portable self contained unit with 20 games built-in. great if you want a little bit of sonic on the tube.

The Twinpads is your standard TV plug-and-play unit with 10 games built-in but with two pads for 2 player fun.

But the most remarkable piece of kit they offer is the Megadrive Console. Not only does it have 15 games built in but this piece of kit works like the real console. You can play any Sega MD Cartridge in it. Thats right, any game. No region lockout!

Isn't that just a little bit exciting??

check their wares out at: segaretro.net
and at play.com

Casino Arcade, Now with SFIV!

The premier arcade in London for shmups is now once again the premier the arcade for fighting games. Yes that's right Street Fighter IV has landed in the basement!

other recent additions include BlazBlue. GTI Club, Mushi Mushi Pork and Guitar Hero.

So if you are ever in central London and need a quick arcade fix. You know where to go.

Casino Arcade (two shops down from Goodge Street Tube of you don't know).


Tiberium Cancelled (Old News)

OK I know its old news but I just found out about Electronic Arts Cancelling Tiberium.

I was really looking forward to that. The trailer looked immense!

Ah well.

Maybe EA will decide to make a new Wing Commander game instead

Anyway heres the Trailer

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