20 Questions Wargamer style

Found this 20 questions on Iron Legions Blog but via Don’t throw a 1’s blog. Thought it would be good for a laugh.

note I have adapted it a little (I hope the original author doesn’t mind as I don’t do historical wargaming much)


1. Favourite Wargames setting  and why?

I’m a big 40k fan at heart but also love the Battletech back story too.


2. Next game, money no object?

Blood Bowl or maybe Dust Tactics, those mechs look cool.


3. Favourite 5 films?

Ferris Buelers Off

Beverly Hills Cop

Evil Dead 3


Laputa Castle in the Sky


4. Favourite 5 TV series?

Red Dwarf

Spring/Autumn Watch

Battlestar Galactica (New)

The I.T. Crowd

The Mighty Boosh


5. Favourite book and author?

Dune by Frank Herbert


6. Greatest General? Can’t count yourself!!

Commander Dante


7. Favourite Wargames rules?



8. Favourite Sport and team?

McLaren F1


9. If you had a only use once time machine, when and where would you go?

One word – Dinosaurs!


10. Last meal on Death Row?

Fish and Chips


11. Fantasy relationship and why?

Hmm I would love to party with Will I Am, just as bro’s mind


12. If your life were a movie, who would play you?

James Corden or Meat Loaf


13. Favourite Comic  Superhero?

Judge Dread


14. Favourite Military quote?

“They Don’t Like it um ‘em! “


15. Historical destination to visit?

Any of the ancient abandoned cities in the middle east.


16. Biggest Wargaming regret?

Giving away loads of 40k stuff before I left for Uni


17. Favourite Fantasy job?

Writer/Designer on Elite 4


18. Favourite Song Top 5?

Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies – Pop Will Eat Itself

Waterfall – The Stone Roses

Testarossa Overdrive – Kavinsky

Sploosh – Ozerics Tenticles.

Movin on Up – Primal Scream


19. Favourite Wargaming Moment?

That look on your opponents face when the Blood Angels assault units get into the soft underbelly of their army.


20. The miserable Git question, what upsets you?

Cruelty and lack of respect.

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