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A Trip to Tidworth to see a Challenger 2


Back In February myself and a couple of the boys from UKArmour (a virtual unit in the Steel Beasts community) were given the fantastic opportunity of  a guided tour round a Challenger 2 courtesy of another member of UKArmour, CR2Commander (guess what he does for a living!)

As well as having a muck around inside the beast itself including a blast with the turret and thermal imaging system, we got to have a play with some of the Army’s training tools to see how good at gunnery we actually were.


Some gratuitous exterior shots:


Crustys KA didn’t stand a chance!









Some pictures of the Challenger 2 gunnery training system:




And a nice group shot to finish off the set:

UK Armour trip to Tidworth 019

Hedge, Crusty, Hoggy.

Warhammer World


Some photos of a recent trip to Warhammer World

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