20 Questions Wargamer style

Found this 20 questions on Iron Legions Blog but via Don’t throw a 1’s blog. Thought it would be good for a laugh.

note I have adapted it a little (I hope the original author doesn’t mind as I don’t do historical wargaming much)


1. Favourite Wargames setting  and why?

I’m a big 40k fan at heart but also love the Battletech back story too.


2. Next game, money no object?

Blood Bowl or maybe Dust Tactics, those mechs look cool.


3. Favourite 5 films?

Ferris Buelers Off

Beverly Hills Cop

Evil Dead 3


Laputa Castle in the Sky


4. Favourite 5 TV series?

Red Dwarf

Spring/Autumn Watch

Battlestar Galactica (New)

The I.T. Crowd

The Mighty Boosh


5. Favourite book and author?

Dune by Frank Herbert


6. Greatest General? Can’t count yourself!!

Commander Dante


7. Favourite Wargames rules?



8. Favourite Sport and team?

McLaren F1


9. If you had a only use once time machine, when and where would you go?

One word – Dinosaurs!


10. Last meal on Death Row?

Fish and Chips


11. Fantasy relationship and why?

Hmm I would love to party with Will I Am, just as bro’s mind


12. If your life were a movie, who would play you?

James Corden or Meat Loaf


13. Favourite Comic  Superhero?

Judge Dread


14. Favourite Military quote?

“They Don’t Like it um ‘em! “


15. Historical destination to visit?

Any of the ancient abandoned cities in the middle east.


16. Biggest Wargaming regret?

Giving away loads of 40k stuff before I left for Uni


17. Favourite Fantasy job?

Writer/Designer on Elite 4


18. Favourite Song Top 5?

Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies – Pop Will Eat Itself

Waterfall – The Stone Roses

Testarossa Overdrive – Kavinsky

Sploosh – Ozerics Tenticles.

Movin on Up – Primal Scream


19. Favourite Wargaming Moment?

That look on your opponents face when the Blood Angels assault units get into the soft underbelly of their army.


20. The miserable Git question, what upsets you?

Cruelty and lack of respect.


First Game of 6th Edition. Blood Angels vs Wolves and Guard


Hi guys it’s been a while but I thought I would share a short battle report of my first game of 6th edition.

It was my Blood Angels vs. Graham’s distinctly chaotic looking Space Wolves and Imperial Guard Alliance.

1500 point army lists were roughly-

Blood Angels


1 Epistolary  with jump pack (Biomancer)

1 Epistolary (Telepath)


10 man assault squad

10 man tac squad with HB razorback

10 man tac squad

Heavy Support

Storm Raven



Bastion with Icarus


Space Wolves


Logan Grimnar


5 Wolfguard Terminators in Drop pod

5 Grey Hunters (with plasma) in drop pod


Long Fangs with Multi Meltas in drop pod

Allies (Imperial Guard)


Primaris Psyker (Telepath)


Psyker Battlesquad in Chimera


Imprial Guard Platoon with Auto Cannons


Aegis with Quad Gun


Mission was purge the alien on a Vanguard Strike, Terrain heavy board.

Commander Traits were rolled for Logan got Master of Manoeuvre (useless) and I got Master of the Vanguard (a little better)

Blood Angels won the roll off deploying the bastion in the centre of their deployment with good fields of fire, one Tactical Squad was split with one half in the bastion and the other on the battlements. predator was deployed next to the bastion with some ruins as cover and the razorback parked at the back of the bastion. The Assault squad and Librarian 1 were in reserve for deep strike and the Storm Raven with Tactical Squad 2 and the other librarian was in reserve.

Space Wolves Deployment saw the imperial guard turtling up behind the aegis defence line and some ruins with the Grey Hunters, The Chimera conveying the Psyker Battle Squad was surrounded on three sides by aegis lines the Primaris was also with the Guard. Three drop pods were in reserve, one with Logan and the Long Fangs, one with the Wolf Guard and one empty.

Turn One

Blood Angels

Not much happened The predator moves forward 1 inch and is promptly immobilized by a crater! The Tactical Squad missile launcher, Predator and the bastions Icarus fire at the Hull Down Chimera with no results.

Space Wolves

Two Drop Pods arrive within inches of the bastion one with Logan and the Long Fangs which immediately put the floundering Predator out of its misery (First Blood to the Wolves, 2 Victory Points) and start pouring fire into the bastion to no avail. The wolf guard advance from their drop pod  towards the bastion. the Psyker Battle Squad cast Weaken Resolve on the Tactical Squad on the battlements which reduced their leadership to 2! Auto cannon fire from the Guard lines tear into the battlements but only succeed in downing one marine, no leadership roll needed!

End of Turn One: BA 0:2 SW

Turn Two

Blood Angels

Storm Raven Turns up on the Imperial Guard Platoons flank dodging AA fire from the Quad Gun, fires two blood strikes at the chimera stunning it and pours some fire into the Guard lines downing several. The Assault Squad Deep strikes in more or less the same location. and starts firing at the Guard Command Squad (not realising that on the level below, there is a plasma equipped Grey Hunters Squad!) The units at the bastion start a spirited defence taking down one long fang and the drop pod that delivered them (1 Victory Point)

Space Wolves

Third Drop pod Doesn’t turn up. The Wolf Guard Turn back toward the guard lines, Logan and the Long Fangs split their fire between the bastion and the Razorback, knocking out the APC’s Heavy Bolter and causing a catastrophic breach in the Bastion. The Psyker Battle Squad gets out of it’s stunned transport and again casts its nasty Weaken Resolve spell on the Assault Squad. the whole of the Guard lines and the (sneaky hiding) Grey Hunters open fire on the terrified Assault squad downing only three (and losing two Grey Hunters to gets hot!) but its enough to get them scurrying back towards their home lines)

End of Turn Two BA 1:2 SW

Turn Three

Blood Angels

The Assault Squad Rallies and heads back towards the main Guard Lines pouring fire over the aegis defences and then charging into a maelstrom of fire. The Librarian immediately hacks down the Primaris Psyker (1 Victory Point) and the rest of the squad start dismantling the quad gun and the guard around it, surprisingly the guard make a good stand and the combat is a draw. The Raven switches to hover and disgorges its Tactical Squad who set about the remains on the Guard Command Squad annihilating them (1 Victory Point) and the raven minces the Grey Hunters (1 Victory Point) at the bastion, one more Long Fang is downed and the Razorback runs for its life.

Space Wolves

The third Drop Pod Arrives giving the Wolf Guard some cover as they run back towards the under siege Guard. Logan and Long Fangs (sounds like a band name doesn’t it) finally annihilate the bastion, the survivors try to get as far away from the great wolf as possible. The Psyker Battle Squad again attempts some nasty stuff but the Blood Angels Epistolary in the Assault Squad Denies the Witch! The on-going assault sees another draw with minimal casualties on each side although the Quad Gun is destroyed.

End of Turn Three BA 3:2 SW

Turn Four 

Blood Angels

The Storm Raven Takes to the Skies and tears into the Wolf Guard downing two of them. The Assault Squad decimates the remains of the Imperial Guard, drive the survivors off the Board (2 Victory Points) and consolidates towards the Chimera. The tactical Squad turns towards the advancing Wolf Guard but their fire has little effect. The survivors from the Bastion try to escape the advancing Logan.

Space Wolves

The Wolf Guard continue to advance towards the Tactical Squad in their own deployment zone but are just out of viable charge range. Logan and the Long Fangs advance around the ruins of the bastion and gun down the survivors. (2 Victory Points) The Chimera carrying the Psyker Battle Squad drives up over its own defences to escape the advancing Assault Squad.

End of Turn Four BA 5:4 SW

Turn Five

Blood Angels

The Tactical Squad open fire with everything including the Librarians Psychic Shriek to destroy the three remaining Wolf Guard (1 Victory Point). The Combined Fire of the Assault Squad and now hovering Storm Raven Finally pop the Chimera (1 Victory Point) exposing the Battle Psykers to a nasty turn six if the game continues.

Space Wolves

Logan and the Long Fangs split their fire between the Storm Raven and the remaining Razorback, they manage to immobilize the Razorback. The Psyker Battle Squad fail their Psychic test and are left in the open between the Strom Raven and the Assault Squad.

End of Turn Five BA 7:4 SW

The Game Continues…

Turn Six

Blood Angels

The Tactical Squad destroy one of the Drop Pods (1 Victory Point). The Storm Raven Remains in a hover, pops the final drop pod (1 Victory Point) and then Scythes down the Psyker Battle Squad with it’s Assault Cannon and Hurricane Bolters(1 Victory Point). The Razorback pops smoke.

Space Wolves

With just Logan and the Long Fangs remaining they again split their fire between the Storm Raven and the Razorback, although unable to  draw a bead on the Razorback in the smoke they finally manage to bring the Storm Raven crashing to the ground (1 Victory Point).

End of Turn Six and End of Game

Blood Angels 10:5 Space Wolves

So based on this I am loving 6th Ed (winning always helps!) Star of the Show was the Storm Raven and I could seriously be tempted to run two of them although the possibility of allies gives me too many options to think about at the moment (ooh a Blood Angels Carcharodons force could really upset someone’s day!)




Just a Quickie

Blood Angel

I must stop forgetting to roll for Red Thirst!



That is All


£15 Wayland Givaway Comp @40kn00b


Want a chance to win £15 of goodies from Wayland Games? Hell Yeah! I hear you say.


Well head on over to 40n00b’s site. In celebration of  getting over 150 followers he is offering the chance to win the aforementioned sum to spend on whatever your heart desires (as long as it costs less than fifteen quid and Wayland sell it that is!)


Hell I would love £15!


Love Mechs? Join the Hawken Beta


Hawken Robot

Everyone loves big Robots right? for a chance to join the Hawken Beta later this year follow the link below and register.



See you on the battlefield!


Bovington Tiger I Videos


Found these vids on Youtube of the working Tiger I at the Bovington Tank Museum. Amazing!


Some internal shots in this one


Mmmm Maybach goodness!


Flames of War Army Lists (work in progress)


I thought a little post about the two army lists I’m working on would be a good idea. The two forces I have decided to work on both had briefings available for free from the Flames of War website. Units in red represent possible future purchases.

Soviet Heavy Guards Tank Regiment (KV-1, Late War)


Now there is nothing more moving than the thought of a Soviet Heavy Guards Tank Regiment moving at speed across the countryside. Walls and hedgerows would simply cease to exist as the unstoppable behemoths crushed them beneath their heavy tracks. The sound of their guns thundering across the plains as they pick off another hapless German Tank. 

However the unstoppable KV-1 behemoths of the early war are now the second line tanks of the Soviet Army. Not as invulnerable to enemy fire as they once were. Their superiority on the Battlefield is over, maybe numbers will win the day…


1 KV-1e  75

Company 1

5 KV-1e  370

Company 2

4 KV-1e 295

Company 3

5 KV-1e  370

Company 4

5 KV-1e  370

Corps Support

Priority Air Support

IL-2 Shturmovik 270


Total 740 (1750)


German 653. Schwere Panzerjager Abtelung (Late War)


Facing the seemingly unstoppable Soviet advance is a small ad-hoc company with elements of the 653 Schwere Panzerjager Abtelung  supported by other Heer Panzer units. The 88mm Pak 43 guns mounted on the Elefants will make short work of the once invulnerable Soviet armour facing them, but numbers favour the Russians.  Will quality defeat quantity?


1 Elefant Tank Hunter 300

Platoon 1

2 Elefant Tank Hunters 600

Panzer Anti-Aircraft Platoon

2 Sd Kfz 7/1 (Quad 2cm)  90

Heer Support Platoons

Assault Gun Platoon

2 StuG G’s 190

Heavy Tank Platoon

1 Tiger 1E   215 (Gotta have a Tiger!)

Panzer Platoon

5 Panzer IV H  475

Total 1090 (1870)



So there we are. I’m part way there and looking forward to buying, building and eventually painting (oh and possibly gaming with) these two forces!


The Elefants Have Arrived!


Waiting for me when I got back from work today were my three new German Elefant Tank Hunters. These three vehicles alone are worth more in points than my ten Soviet KV-1 tanks. I will post some more shots once they are built.



And here are five of my KV-1 tanks. Ready to try and take them on.

5 KV-1

So there we are


Some Painted FoW Tanks


Here’s a couple of shots of the Tanks you get in the Flames of War Open Fire! starter set.






M4 Sherman


M4 Sherman


This is my first time painting in 1/100 scale and also my first time using anything other than Citadel paints. I used Tamiya paints in the main that I picked up nice and cheap from a local hobby store and I think they look pretty good. They didn’t take long to paint and certainly look table ready.

Built KV-1



Well after getting home from work last night I quickly put one of the KV-1’s together. As the box says they do just clip together quite nicely (although I think I will glue them after cleaning them up a bit).


As you can see the model is great, it looks like a KV should and the detail is nice and crisp. Based on this I will be looking at more Zvezda models for Flames of War in the future (got my eye on the Schturmoviks for a start).



I’m still waiting for the Elefants from Battlefront.

Dead Graphics Card Sadness



Well after a long period of sterling duty, my PC’s graphics card had finally overheated and blown.

It’s an old nVidia 512mb slimline card and it regularly would reach temps in excess of 105 degrees Celsius.

This means that I will be on an enforced holiday from World of Tanks till I can find another card that will fit in  my small PC’s case.

This makes me sad Sad smile


My 10 Zvezda KV-1’s have arrived!


KV1Ordered from the plastic soldier company and promptly delivered. No proper pictures yet (I’m about to leave for a full shift at work) but I will post some unboxing pics tomorrow.


Hawken New Year Update



The guys over at Adhesive Games Ltd have given us a few concept pictures to keep us keen, waiting for that all but impossible dream of a good modern mech game.



386455_266723206726019_146679755397032_709284_626151454_n (1)


As you can see from the above pictures, it looks like dark brooding BladerRunneresque Cities and Post apocalyptic ruins are all the rage in Hawken but they sure look nice and I look forward to seeing some more game renders and videos.


Now these Mech concepts look interesting, I like the blend of Mechwarrior like running gear with more real world ablative/ reactive armour. I’m guessing this is some kind of  light or scout Mech as itl looks sleek and fast (I would call it a SC-1B Scarab but hey that’s just me)

So for all you Battletech Players waiting for a new game or you players of Heavy Gear, keep your eyes open and check out Hawkens Facebook page for loads more info including some early gameplay vids.


Hip Hip Hooray! A new Mech game is on its way!

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