Flames of War Army Lists (work in progress)


I thought a little post about the two army lists I’m working on would be a good idea. The two forces I have decided to work on both had briefings available for free from the Flames of War website. Units in red represent possible future purchases.

Soviet Heavy Guards Tank Regiment (KV-1, Late War)


Now there is nothing more moving than the thought of a Soviet Heavy Guards Tank Regiment moving at speed across the countryside. Walls and hedgerows would simply cease to exist as the unstoppable behemoths crushed them beneath their heavy tracks. The sound of their guns thundering across the plains as they pick off another hapless German Tank. 

However the unstoppable KV-1 behemoths of the early war are now the second line tanks of the Soviet Army. Not as invulnerable to enemy fire as they once were. Their superiority on the Battlefield is over, maybe numbers will win the day…


1 KV-1e  75

Company 1

5 KV-1e  370

Company 2

4 KV-1e 295

Company 3

5 KV-1e  370

Company 4

5 KV-1e  370

Corps Support

Priority Air Support

IL-2 Shturmovik 270


Total 740 (1750)


German 653. Schwere Panzerjager Abtelung (Late War)


Facing the seemingly unstoppable Soviet advance is a small ad-hoc company with elements of the 653 Schwere Panzerjager Abtelung  supported by other Heer Panzer units. The 88mm Pak 43 guns mounted on the Elefants will make short work of the once invulnerable Soviet armour facing them, but numbers favour the Russians.  Will quality defeat quantity?


1 Elefant Tank Hunter 300

Platoon 1

2 Elefant Tank Hunters 600

Panzer Anti-Aircraft Platoon

2 Sd Kfz 7/1 (Quad 2cm)  90

Heer Support Platoons

Assault Gun Platoon

2 StuG G’s 190

Heavy Tank Platoon

1 Tiger 1E   215 (Gotta have a Tiger!)

Panzer Platoon

5 Panzer IV H  475

Total 1090 (1870)



So there we are. I’m part way there and looking forward to buying, building and eventually painting (oh and possibly gaming with) these two forces!


  1. The German list will have a hard time in missions with reserves unless you can bulk it up to 6 platoons.

    Can I suggest upgrading the AA tracks to SdKfz 7/2's?
    Longer range and a 4+ firepower rating makes them better at chasing off OP planes.
    In all honesty, I find it better to spread out my expensive tanks, rather than invest points in AA, since I don't really face enough of it to be concerned.
    OP planes and 155's ARE a pain, but I rarely even lose 2 heavy tanks in a single game due to artillery.

    If you plan on playing the list competitively, 2 vehicle platoons of anything without front armor 10 is asking for trouble, as they're easy to focus fire on and destroy.
    I would also humbly suggest dropping the Stugs and adding a second Tiger if possible- an arty strike or lucky shot kills the Tiger, and that's a platoon loss as well.
    Platoon losses = bad in tournaments.

    My final suggestion would be to think about the 5 tank Panzer 4 platoon.
    Since 3 dead/bailed tanks forces a moral check on either a 4 tank or 5 tank platoon, the 5th tank can be extraneous.
    I say 'can be.'
    It's just something worth thinking about, especially if the list ends up a little tight on points.

    Apologies for the unsolicited advice!

    And I certainly won't comment on the Russian list...
    I roll Axis, baby!
    hate those rotten Russian tank hordes.

    1. Well the army briefings I'm using are pretty fluffy so competitiveness isn't really an issue. However a number of your points (drop stugs, get extra tiger and 4 PzIV instead of 5) seem like a pretty good way to go.


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