This week I found out you can legally download the games of the MechCommander series legally from mechcommander.org

For those who don't now, MechCommander was a series of RTS games set in the Battletech universe. Well worth a look for any fan of the genre and even more so for those who loved the Mechwarrior series of sims as there are plenty of familiar Mechs to play with.

Available for download are:
MechCommander Gold
MechCommander 2

and there are also lots of other groovy add ons and mods available so go check it out


Games being released on the 360 this year that I am excited about

Snappy title eh?

Well I was glancing through the release schedule for this year and noticed there were one or two games I was looking forward to. So I thought I would share them being the nice chap I am.

Battlefield 1943

A familiar franchise to all. The Battlefield series revolutionised the multiplayer experience. This one pomises to do the same for Xbox Live (as long as they don't take the piss with DLC)

Forza Motorsport 3

Forza 2 is still THE best racing game on the market today, Forza 3 can only improve on this.

Modern Warfare 2

It took me a while to succumb to the hype around CoD MW. but when I did finally get it I was hooked. I'm sure activision could charge £70 for it and it would still be the biggest selling game at the back end of this year.


Who ya gonna call? Sony for fucking up the release schedule for this game. This is a must buy and one of the most anticipated games ever on the 360. I can not wait.

Honerable mentions (in other words I may rent these suckers)
Halo ODST.
Bioshock 2.
IL-2 Stermovik:Birds of Prey
King of Fighters XII


Current Events

Well I am back in Gloucestershire after moving out of our house in London. It is nice being back in the country but i will be without Xbox live for the next 3-4 months ARGH!!!

However I have decided no to let this interrupt my gaming adventures so I thought I would let you know what I am currently playing.


One of the best known Danmaku shooters to emerge from Japan. I currently have an old 19" CRT monitor on its side and the game looks great on it. Bloody hard but amazing fun! I also bought myself a Sega Saturn USB pad from China. It works great and has really allowed my to take advantage of MAME and the other emulators I have.

Retrograde [C64]
Still one of my favorite games of all time. An apex productions classic.

Silent Hunter III [PC]
Still in my opinion the best sub sim ever. I downloaded the fan made expansion pack GWX made by Grey Wolves (avalable from subsim.com for a small donation) and this really adds to the historical accurancy and imersion. Well worth a small donation.

Zero Wing [Mega Drive]
Not one of Toaplans better shooters but still an enjoyable game. I just love the music too.
"All your base are blong to us!"

Street Fighter IV [X360]
Still practicing with this one.
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