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Well I am back in Gloucestershire after moving out of our house in London. It is nice being back in the country but i will be without Xbox live for the next 3-4 months ARGH!!!

However I have decided no to let this interrupt my gaming adventures so I thought I would let you know what I am currently playing.


One of the best known Danmaku shooters to emerge from Japan. I currently have an old 19" CRT monitor on its side and the game looks great on it. Bloody hard but amazing fun! I also bought myself a Sega Saturn USB pad from China. It works great and has really allowed my to take advantage of MAME and the other emulators I have.

Retrograde [C64]
Still one of my favorite games of all time. An apex productions classic.

Silent Hunter III [PC]
Still in my opinion the best sub sim ever. I downloaded the fan made expansion pack GWX made by Grey Wolves (avalable from subsim.com for a small donation) and this really adds to the historical accurancy and imersion. Well worth a small donation.

Zero Wing [Mega Drive]
Not one of Toaplans better shooters but still an enjoyable game. I just love the music too.
"All your base are blong to us!"

Street Fighter IV [X360]
Still practicing with this one.

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