New Blood Angels on the way

Looks like the guys at GW are going to adding some new units to the current Blood Angels range. Announced here, it doesn't mention what they are but it makes sense that we are going to see the long awaited Stormraven Gunship of which images were leaked a while ago (search google). Other than that I presume we may see an update of some of the character models (some of which are looking a little tired next to the new Sanguinor and Sanguinary Guard) or maybe a new Furioso Dreadnought but this is pure speculation.

As far as my current Blood Angels force goes I have now painted up one tactical squad and four members of my terminator squad (pictures will be posted soon). Due to the time of year good natural light has been far from common and I'm not a fan of painting by artificial light, hence my slowness in getting my army up and running.

Well I'm supposed to playing Rob again in a week or so, it would be good if I could use my own army this time, however other things like a job interview to prep for on Thursday are going to be more of a priority than painting a few marines. Mifgt try to get an assault squad up and running though.

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