2010 in Music

Well 2010 is over and so I thought I would share my musical tastes over the year with my loyal followers.
Checking my last.fm account which tracks all music I have listened to on my PC my top ten artists are:

10: 65daysofstatic.
Saw them live at 2000 Trees festival was very impressed
9: Crystal Castles
Been a fan since seeing them live many years ago in Scala in London. New album impressed me greatly
8: Kavisnsky.
First heard Kavinsky on MTV2's 120 electronic minutes and I was blown away, a great purveyor 80's soundtrack themed electronica.
7: The Stone Roses.
Been a fan since I can remember, one of the greatest bands of all time.
6: Harmonia.
Discovered this band after watching a BBC4 documentry on German electronic music, well worth checking out if you like vintage electronica.
5: Marina & the Diamonds
A great provider of quirky kitchy pop songs, some would say too much like Kate Bush, I say that's not a bad thing.
4: Ellie Goulding
One of the best female vocalists I have ever heard, a great song writer too.
3: Ozric Tenticles
Erm... I blame my brother, he introduced me to Ozrics. I still love them.
2: Mike Oldfield
Hehe another semi-guilty pleasure, fantastic musician and great music to chill out to.
1: Daft Punk.
I never really rated Daft Punk. Sure they have had some catchy tunes but nothing really appealed to me until I heard the new Tron: Legacy soundtrack. A fantastic piece of cinematic music.

So as a little treat here is the official video of Daft Punks Derezzed from the film, enjoy:

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