Flames of War, Hunting on the Eastern Front

Well since moving and due to a general lack of space for anything 40k related at home I have been looking at Flames of War again. Its smaller 15mm scale makes my small living room floor makes for a much better battlefield when the tanks are only 2 inches long! (that is if the cat doesn’t get involved)


Anyway I have taken the plunge with some Christmas money and made my first post Open Fire (The FoW started kit) purchases.


First of are 3 Elefant Panzerjagers. I’m having a go at creating the 653 Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung. This plus my two StuG G’s from Open Fire give me an awesome tank destroying force. They are going to be needing that firepower because on the other side of the living room floor will be:


10 Zvezda (courtesy of the Plastic Soldier Company) Soviet KV-1e’s. Since playing World of Tanks I have fallen in love with this early war Soviet behemoth and am hoping to build a late war Guard Heavy Tank Regiment but before being refitted with the IS-2. This was available on the FOW website as a free PDF but it has been removed and placed in the Red Bear book.


I look forward to unboxing them and pushing them around the floor, cat permitting of course.

BTW for more info on the Russian Zvezda kits take a look over at antons wargame blog, there is some great content there with plenty info for FoW gaming on a budget.

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