Back to the PC with the sims (and a HOTAS)

When I'm away from London I normally have my trusty old laptop with me. Apart from the games I have on various emulators I tend to find myself playing simulators quite a bit. Falcon 4 Allied Force is my flight sim of choice at the moment but I also dabble with a bit of LOMAC.

I recently decided to retire my crappy old microsoft joystick for something a little more snazzy. enter the Thrustmaster T. Flight HOTAS X.
I have always wanted a HOTAS controller but the normal cost has been prohibitive, I couldn't believe it though when I found this one for less than £35. Its fantastic with more axis and buttons than you could shake a stick at. Well worth it and better than some more expensive flight controllers I have tried in the past.

Today I have also been browsing on GOG.com. For those that don't know, GOG.com is a wonderful website that offerers the great PC games of yesteryear at very reasonable prices with full XP/Vista compatibility and loads of extras. I recommend every PC gamer to get an account. Anyway I treated myself to the WWII Tank sim Panzer Elite and Spacefighter sim Freespace 2.

look out for reviews here soon

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