What i got for Crimbo

Well things all got a bit hectic before Christmas. All the lovely things I was planning to do for the blog all got sidelined by real life I am afraid.

However all is not lost as I am back and ready to share with the world some of the Gaming things I got for Christmas.

Tom Clancy's End War
Before Christmas I returned to playing Rainbow Six Vegas, a game I never got around to completing. Now back in the day I loved the original Rainbow Six but had fell behind the PC technology curve needed to play later versions and due to a motion sickness problem i avoided most console FPS till this generation.
Despite being somewhat simpler than the original game, R6V is a great game and good fun online too. So after getting back into Rainbow Six, I decided to check out the rest of Tom Clancy's gaming catalogue. First Stop End War.

End War is very simple as far as RTS games go. You only have access to 7 or so units, only have 3 armies to choose from and the combat system is best described as a rock paper scissors affair. So far nothing is making this game stand out.
What does make this game standout though is its voice command system. Almost all commands you could want to give are given using your voice and the consoles microphone and it works!
This is the first game I have ever played using voice command and it is fantastic. You should see me stomping around the front room shouting at the telly and as a first foray into voice command games it shows what the technology is capable of. I can not wait to see where this technology pops up next, apparently Tom Clancy's Hawx will have a little voice command in it and I hope it shows up in other TC titles.

"Unit Two Secure Alpha"


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