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This short review was originally written for the Retro Gamer website. a couple more may follow

Game Title: Retrograde
Released: 1990
Developer/Author Name: John Rowlands, Rob Ellis, Steve Rowlands
Publisher: Thalamus
Format Reviewed: Commodore 64
Genre: Shoot-’em-up

Game Profile:

A fantastic title from Thalamus. Retrograde combines the best elements of horizontal scrolling shooters and platform games to produce a frantic button mashing shoot-'em-up frenzy of a game.

As a mercenary hired to destroy the planets of 7 evil warlords, you must fight in the skies and on the surface of these worlds earning crystals with every enemy you kill. These crystals can be used at the local wepaon traders to upgrade your 360 degree weaponry and powerfist and also to buy planet busters. These planet busters allow you enter the core of the planet and then blow it up. Once the core is broken you must defeat the final guardian to move onto the next planet.

The game clearly shows its inspirations (Warhammer 40k anyone?). Each planet has its own distinct enemies and weapons available and each core guardian is a distinct challenge worthy of any shmup fan.

The graphics are crisp and clear with a huge number of sprites visable on screen at any one time. The weapon types available are varied and impressive, each with its own advantages and drawbacks and it also boasts one of the finest techno sountracks heard on the old SID chip

If there is any one drawback to the gme its repetative nature could put off some, and dont even try playing the game without autofire, you will only get cramp.

All in all Retrogade is one C64 title few owners will want to be without.

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