Some Top 10 Lists

This is just a couple of personal list of my top favourite simulators and strategy games over the years and their formats.

Top 10 simulators

1- Steel Beasts (PC)
2- Falcon 4.0 Allied Force (PC)
3- Silent Hunter III (PC)
4- Gunship 2000 (Amiga)
5- Wing Commander (Amiga/PC)
6- Mechwarrior IV Mercenaries (PC)
7- Dangerous Waters (PC)
8- Mechwarrior III (PC)
9- F-16 Fighting Falcon (C64)
10- Mig-29 Fighter Pilot (MegaDrive)

Top Strategy Games

1- Tom Clancy’s End War (Xbox360)
2- Advance Wars (GBA)
3- Panzer General (PS1/PC)
4- Harpoon III ANW (PC)
5- Pegasus Bridge (C64)
6- TacOps 4 (PC)
7- Combat Mission 2: Barbarossa to Berlin (PC)
8- Dune II Battle for Arrakis (Amiga)
9- Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War (PC)
10- Command and Conquer Red Alert (PS1/PC

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