Eve Weekly Update 1

Hopefully a start of a new series charting my progress through the wonderful world of Eve online.

First a quick overview:
I have been playing Eve for just under six months and am a member of a PC Corporation called the Deorbit Burners (which is part of a larger alliance). We make our money mainly by mining, production and trading.
In December I finally managed to get my mining skills up to a level sufficient to fly the Hulk mining barge only to have the price of the Hulk sky rocket after the release of the Dominion patch. I decided to buy a Maelstrom battleship instead and do some harder NPC missions.

This week:
I have returned to mining in my trusty Covetor this week, mining the asteroid belts of Eldulf whenever I have had the chance. I have also done a bit of ice mining in the nearby systems and taken part in a large alliance fleet mining operation. The alliance fleet op was cool. we had a fleet with seven Hulks three Orcas and various other ships all mining away. We cleared a large asteroid belt in Horaka in less than 50 minutes!

Training wise I have decided to halt my combat skills training in favour of training towards a Prowler freighter. As we live in a high-sec bubble in Eldulf with the notorious pirate infested system of Atlar between us and the best trading hubs, a sneaky freighter like the prowler would be a useful ship to have.

Well that's it for now. See you all next week.

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