This Week i have Been Mostly Playing... (7)

Sorry about the delay on this post but it's been one hell of a week here with Pc's blowing up, then cars blowing up and then all sorts of other stuff going on but fear not I am here and ready to update you with my weeks gaming fun.

Xbox 360


As soon as I started reading about this game I knew I had to own it and I am far from disappointed. It's quite different to most games I play and it is taking me a while to get used to the combat system but the game is so easy on the eye (and I'm not just talking about Bayonetta's rear end!) the whole graphical style of the game is fantastic. Get this game it is nuts!

Forza III

For all those petrol based fantasies I have Forza lets me act out most of them on my Xbox, I can not over state how good this game is for anyone with even the slightest interest in a realistic driving game. GT5 has a hell of a job to live up to this.

Mushimhe-sama Futari

Don't ask me how much I paid for this import, lets just say I was prepared to pay more if needed to get my hands on this Cave shooter. I am not disappointed, the game is a wonder and surprisingly accessible to those people looking for a more casual bullet hell experience (even my GF has 1cc'd it on novice mode) If you have the means I would highly recommend picking it up.

Fallout 3

Due to a Uni assignment about game aesthetics I have been playing a little more Fallout 3 as it seems as good a game to study as any other. Needless to say I have lost several hours studying time to just wandering around the wasteland and shooting Robobrains, Rad Scorpions and various other wasteland denizens. I must get around to trying some of the DLC for it.


Silent Hunter IV
A new PC due to a rapid laptop death has at last allowed me play Silent Hunter IV Wolves of the Pacific. I'm not sure if I like it as much as the previous games set in the Atlantic though as I just have very little interest in the WWII Pacific theatre as a whole. Only time will tell but with so many other games needing my attention I'm not sure I will coming back to this game for a while.

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