Eve Weekly Update 2

Ok so it's been a little over a week but never mind.

Several big things have happened this week.

1) Our corporation has left the SoL alliance. to be honest there didn't seem to be much reason for us to stay in the alliance. Very few alliance operations were being run, we seemed to be giving a lot of valuble reasorces to them with no benifit to ourselves. In the end I think out CEO just got sick of it and pulled the plug. Hopefully we can continue to grow as a Corp and find a better alliance to join in the future.

2) I had a couple of adventures in Low-Sec space. The first one ended badly with the loss of a Hurricane Battlecruiser to a few pirate frigates but it was my own fault, I wasn't fitted out correctly and it was a learning experience (I won't make that mistake again and at least I got out with my Pod intact!) the second was an little corp tour of the local low-sec systems. Although we didnt find any combat action we did get a good feel for the terrain and met some interesting folks in local chat.

I'm still training towards my Prowler and I am still trying to get my head around the market system. Hopefully within a week or two I will begin doing some trading runs between Jita and Molden Heath to see what products are profitable.

I'm also spending a little more time on the Eve forums hoping to learn a bit more about the game. It seems a nice enough place as long as you don't say anything stupid :)

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