Planning my Blood Angels Army

After a good look through Codex Blood Angels and also reading some of the articles on Games Workshops website I have now got a rough plan on how to create my force.

Combined with the models I already have (that came with Assault on Black Reach) I have decided to create the army in two stages,

Games Workshops 40k Battleforce boxed sets (and their Warhammer equivalent) are very good value and the Space Marine is no exception. It provides a nice helping of Troop options to make sure I will have models able to take and hold objectives and a Rhino transport to make sure they can get there fast! The Assault Marines would become Vanguard Veterans to give them better stats and an edge in assault over other Elite units.

Stage 2 Specialist Units.

The first stage only really gives me a Space Marine army, this is deliberate. By learning how to fight with a basic Marine force I should be all the better prepared to drop some specialist Blood Angels units into my force. These first units being Death Company (of course!) and a Baal Predator. These units should give my force a more Blood Angels feel and give the enemy five blood crazed lunatics heading for their HQ units and a nasty shooty and FAST tank to worry about!

This should give me a cost effective and flexible 1500 point Blood Angels force.


  1. Hey! Are you in the shire still (or, again perhaps?) or are you located somewhere more exotic. If you're close by we should have a game!
    I've dabbled in some Blood Angels myself, they're good fun to play. Fast and hard hitting, but pretty fragile.
    If you want to post up some army list ideas i'll take a look and give you some feedback if you like!

  2. hehe just left a similar post on your blog, yeah im back in the Shire after Uni. I need to get a few games under my belt (to get a hang of the rules more than anything, Becky tries to be interested but she can only stomach so much of me ranting about why the Blood Angels are so cool before she gives up) so it would be good to meet up and play a few games. be good to catch up on the last few years too.

  3. Totally!
    If you're free during the day we could always get a game in at Cheltenham GW (although next week is half term so maybe best to avoid it then.
    Otherwise my usual haunt is the Cheltenham Warchiefs, which is every monday evening in Shurdington.



  4. How about we meet up the week after?

    Monday nights are Ok for me or I can meet up on a Thursday afternoon


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