As this blog has been dormant for a while regular (lol) readers will probably been under the impression that I was dead.

However this is far from the truth. Over the last few months I have found myself in a job with unsocial hours just to pay the bills, this has left me cherishing any free time I have and unwilling to devote any more time to this blog.

Things are going to change though. I have now graduated from University (with a 2:1 no less) and am now looking for jobs in the gaming field.

I am also getting back into a couple of old hobbies I effectively gave up during my time at university. Them being pen and paper roleplaying and tabetop wargaming.

On the Roleplaying side of things look forward to posts about current
games of Dungeons and Dragons I'm playing in and also a game of Traveller I am planning to run in the new year.

Warhammer 40k.
With me looking to get back into a bit of Warhammer 40k I am going to purchase the new
Assault on Black Reach boxed set this month (I gave away most of my old 40k stuff when I left for Uni), look forward to Lolz as Becky and I get to grips with the contents.

I will also be covering my passion for videogames, With Halo: Reach dominating my life atm I will posting some vids and screenshots of my adventures with Bungies masterpiece
and also with F1 2010 out this month look forward to tales of my rear ending Lewis Hamilton (oo err!)

So thats a little update of what to look forward to.


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