Rifleman Dreadnought

Just spotted this in my google reader.

Basically its a Space Marine Dreadnought with double autocannons. I'm guessing it's name comes from the Battletech RFL-3C Rifleman (itself based on the Macross defender)

Macross Defender

Now after a quick search around the web I have realised that this is quite a popular modelling choice for Dreadnoughts however I have never felt so inspired by a model.

Funds permitting I am hoping to get add one to my Blood Angels soon (hey I realise its a Dark Angels only model but I just love the look of it). Maybe this is the time to throw some cash Forgeworlds way.

Brother Raidar will get to fight for the Imperium again


  1. Yeah, the nickname comes from the mech.

    It's a popular choice because of the 4 twin linked S7 shots, which is good for stunning light vehicles.

    It was originally a Dark Angel only forgeworld thing, however all the new books allow for the rifleman config, I believe.

  2. so it does. still want one :P


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