Well I'm back online at last and thought I would start of by introducing my new army:

Gitstompas 'ard crew.

With my Blood Angels force being themed around a task force from the second war for Armageddon it made sense for me to create an opposing force of Orks. Hence Gitstompas 'ard crew was born. Now to be honest I hardly have the cash to build my Blood Angels force up so any Orky goodies will have to be bought probably on ebay or begged and borrowed form other sources but I already have a great start thanks to the models in the Black Reach set and the fortuitous find of all the Orks and Gretchin from my 2nd edition boxed set (20 Orks and 50 Gretchin) so without even trying I have about 800 points of Orks. I have painted ten of the Orks so far and am happy with the results.

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