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When buying Games Workshop stuff in the past I have always bought directly from a store. Games Workshops own stores mostly but I have also used a number of independent stockists too. When I got my beady little eyes on the Venerable Dreadnought recently I decided to try out mail order for the first time. So on the 30th of April I placed an order with Wayland Games for the Dreadnought. the cost was £21.40 for the model and I paid £2.65 for first class shipping. It was a bank holiday weekend so I did expect delays however what I didn't expect was this:

The next day (Sunday) my brother made an order direct with GW's website for a Vanguard Vet squad and some paints. His order which came with free shipping arrived on Thursday. According to Wayland games website they are still awaiting for stock on my Dreadnought seven days after I placed the order on what is still showing as a "high availability" item.

Now I should be clear that at the moment there is a message on their site explaining severe delays due to the double bank holidays we have just had here in the UK and that even without this, the time I have waited is within the period that Wayland Games say high availability items should take.

However this would possibly put me off shopping with them again. I wouldn't say this was bad service but it certainly isn't good. For trying to save money (£2.70 in total) I am having to wait what I personally feel is an unacceptable period of time due to them not having the damn "high availability" item in stock in the first place.

Maybe I'm being unfair, maybe the disruption caused by the two bank holidays had a much bigger effect than I would have thought possible however I believed that "high availability" would mean "in stock" I personally think it should but it seems it does not and should have realised this by the wording on the website.

If I did use Wayland games in the future I would check first to see if they had the item in stock as high availability according to them could result in having to wait well over a week for your item, bank holiday or not!

There has been no direct communication from Wayland Games to myself but I presume this is down to this still not being outside their own terms for high availability.

Man I want that Dreadnought so bad :(

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