What a week

Well what a week in Wargaming, two things have happened that have got the internet all of excited (or pissed off!).

GW drop a metaphorical bomb, then try to heal the gaping wound with a sticking plaster (link).

Beast of War seem to have lost their Youtube account, still no solid news on this.

On the latter hopefully BoW can get it sorted soon as over the last few weeks I have become addicted to their site.

On the former... well I have yet to hear any wargamers positive spin on this and I my thoughts are mirrored all over the internet. I just feel a little sad :(

Anyway lets not forget that there are other gaming companies out there, I intend to dig out my old Battletech stuff out and I am really looking forward to the new steam punk naval game Leviathans. I also intend to have a good look at the rules for Infinity as I hear very good things about it all over the web.

Also next month I continue my ongoing Traveller campaign, well looking forward to that!

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