New Dark Eldar Announced

Well whadya know, more Dark Eldar are on their way:

The new kits (with links) are:

Cronos Parasitic Engine

All look pretty cool. The Engines in particular look great and could be good for Archo-Flagellant conversions if Inquisitors are your thing. Personally I think the Venom looks too much like a Craftworld Eldar Vehicle with the glass canopy, looks like it could be optional though.

Dark Eldar Venom Box Art


  1. I've got a hankering to paint one of those engines. I really like the matt-black color choice the GW team have used, but I think some color would be nice.

  2. Yeah GW's choice of colour scheme is a little Dark. Check out my mate Robs Red paint scheme over at: http://digitalwastrel.blogspot.com/2011/01/kabalites.html

    Makes a change from all the black Dark Eldar out there


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