Blood Angels Update.

Here are some new shots of my Blood Angels.


My Razorback:


This was originally Black to go with my Death Company but it just didn’t gel with the rest of my force so I decided to redden it up.

Next A Rhino:


I never go anywhere without my trusty Hunter Killer Missile quite a few kills it has now!


And finally my Furioso Dreadnought:


A nice simple conversion of the AoBR Dreadnought with some Forgeworld Dreadnought arms I got on eBay.


  1. Looking really good.
    I personally like my rhino/razorback/land raider for my Death Company looking different. Not only does it break up the red, but it becomes target number one for my opponents.

    However, red is just find as long as your opponent knows what is inside.

  2. Well the other reason I decided to paint it red is that I have just got into highlighting but am still not decided on how to highlight Black. Do I go Grey or Blue, so instead I painted it it red so I wouldn't have to choose

  3. Highlighting black is a real pain, yeah. The red looks good, your army is coming along nicely!


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