A Bridge too Far

I just watched the fantastic second world war film A Bridge Too Far. In my opinion one of the best war films ever made. It does a good job of highlighting the personal tragedies war causes and shows the utter destruction common in mass mechanized warfare.

Despite my love of the hobby of wargaming, I sometimes feel a little guilty as to the pleasure it gives me. After all to some degree the hobby not only glorifies war but it also trivialises the devastation it causes. I think it is important that those of us that enjoy the hobby so much must not forget the real people our miniatures are metaphorical representations of.  After all, our hobby is a sanitised representation of the most cruel and barbaric act humanity is capable of.

Let us remember the real people who did or will get caught up in conflicts past, present and future and hope that our own experience of warfare is restricted to the dice rolling across the tabletop.

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