We Live in Interesting Times


Well the community is still getting to grips with the latest examples of Games Workshops PR ( i.e GW shooting itself in the foot). Mantic have announced (through Beasts of Wars Turn 8 Program) that they are indeed entering into the Sci-Fi large scale battle market with a new game this year called Warpath. All that we know at the moment is that it is due out after the summer and it’s rules are based in part on the Kings of War ruleset. This is definitely one to watch.

So what does this mean to me as a gamer? Well at the moment not much, 40k has always be an expensive luxury to me and other games systems from other companies have never really interested me that much… until now. This week I received through the post a copy of Flames of War Open Fire and I am busy reading through the rulebook at the moment. I am very impressed and can not wait to build up a company or two and get some games going. I am also looking forward to catalyst games new project Leviathan. I will be getting that when it comes out (already have the beta rules, just waiting to get a new printer cartridge to print them out and give it a go). As well as Leviathan I am also looking at getting the anniversary edition of Battletech. Always had a soft spot for Battletech and the new boxed set is just glorious. I am also looking at buying a copy (if I can find one) of Mantic’s Dwarf Kings Hold. An excellent looking Dungeon Crawler I think my Fianc√© would like.


Could something like this re-direct my GW budget? Hell Yeah!

Simply put, just at the moment that GW have disappointed me, there are a whole load of other games that I want to spend my hard earned cash on. That Storm Raven is going to have to wait, I have Tigers, Leviathans, Dungeons and Mechs to buy!

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