Cave looking to go global

The Japanese bullet hell game producing company Cave have announced that they are looking to release more of their back catalogue as well as new games in the west.

In an interview with Kotaku, Caves general manager Makato Asada stated he was looking into using services such as Xbox Live and Valves Steam as possible distribution methods.

To shmup fans in the west this is big news. Up until now Cave games and other modern shmups distribution was almost non existent in the west. Quite often if you wanted to play these titles it meant importing the Japanese hardware it ran on but with the imminent release of Caves Mushihime-sama Futari as a region free title on Xbox 360 later his year it looks like things could be about to change. Although players will probaby still have to import the game from Japan it will run on a Xbox 360 from any region.

Again in an another article on Kotaku, Makato Asada explains:

"We had a lot of good feedback from overseas users So for this time, as a test, we're going to make the game region free so that overseas users can play it."

Lets hope that this all goes well for Cave and we see more bullet hell titles here in the west


  1. Don't mind importing the game...It's a leap forward though if can run on an XBox....great


  2. That's pretty kewl and good news.


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