A Succesful Haul in Gloucester

I had a brief trip into Gloucester city centre today and treated myself to a few tasty videogame purchases. Gloucester is a great place to visit as there are plenty places to pick up cheap videogames if you don't mind hunting around (I find that half the fun).

First Stop was R-Games, a dedicated Retro games store on Westgate street. They have loads of old 8-bit and 16-bit console games as well as the consoles for sale all at a reasonable price as well as the newer stuff. It is retro freak heaven!
anyway I came away with Pokemn Pearl Edition for the DS and the 2D shooter Gunbird (by Psikyo) for PS2.

I then had a mooch around the second hand shops on Northgate street, One of them had a special offer on their PS2 games (£1.50 each!) so I had to pick up a couple at least. I came away with copies of the classic 2D fighting game Guilty Gear X and a fantastic find of (Strikers) 1945 I & II!

All that and I still got change out of £15!

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