This week I have been mostly playing...(3)

Eve Online

This MMO is still absorbing large chunks of my life. My corporation is moving systems at the moment so most of what is going on is of a logistical nature but I still find myself utterly fascinated by this carefully crafted money sink. (As I am playing this most weeks now this wil probably be the last time it appears in my This week thread as I'm sure it will get boring).

Forza III Demo
Xbox 360

I couldn't wait to try the demo for Forza III as I am a great fan of its predecessor. I wasn't disappointed, beautiful graphics and a sublime physics engine make this a must buy purchase for me when it arrives later this year.

Megadrive (Gens+)

I'm Still playing this beauty of a shmup and for some reason I prefer the Megadrive version over the original arcade. It just seems slightly more forgiving than the arcade version and this is important if you are a shmup newb like myself.

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