MCT's Top 5 Mecha Games

What could be more fun than driving around in a giant robot killing everything in sight? That right very little. So it makes me quite sad that as a whole the Mecha genre has never held the position I feel it deserves here in the west. Despite this I have decided to list my favourite Mech games. They are listed in the dates that they were released (this is also roughly in the order that I played them too) not in a best to worst kind of way as I honestly couldn't pick a favourite out of these five. I hope this inspires some of you to try these games out if you haven't already.

MechWarrior 3
PC 1999
Microprose really came up with the goods on this game. Set during the Clan wars you play as a Lance commander stuck behind enemy lines with limited support. Despite this, you and your Lance are still expected to complete your objectives as well as some other unit that failed to survive the orbital drop. This is a fantastic game. Of all the Mechwarrior games I have played, the basics of MechWarrior 3 are the closest in execution to the boardgame (Battletech) that the MechWarrior series is based on. The mission design is good and varied and the Mech customisation options are extensive if a little to literal to the boardgame rules.

Ring of Red
PS 2 2001 (Eu)
Part turn based strategy, part real time strategy. The gameplay of this game is unlike any other I have played. Set in an alternate history in the 1960's, the Mechs in this game are more like walking WWII tanks than the supersonic transforming Mecha usually found in Japanese games and this makes them all the more lovable. If you can find this gem I truly recommend picking it up. A fun interesting and unique game.

MechWarrior IV Mercenaries
PC 2002
Putting you in full control of not just one but two mercenary Mech Lances during the Fedcom Civil War, this game (the last in the series as it stands) was brilliant. Not needing quite as much familiarity with the source material as other games in the series it made for a very accessible and absorbing game play without getting bogged down in the nitty gritty of building your Mechs. Every PC gamer should have this one.

Xbox360 2006
I bought this game for £8 in a bargain bin a couple of years ago and it was one of my best bargain bin finds ever. Created by From software; the Japanese company responsible for the Armored Core series. For their first next gen title they decided to try something a little different. instead of the superfast flying Mecha found in the AC series we instead get slightly futuristic walking Mecha tanks. Vast customisation options, atmospheric battles and a fantastic persistant online campaign. made this one of the hidden gems on the Xbox360.

Armored Core For Answer
Xbox 360 2008
Imagine the kind of scene common in Mecha Anime, giant robots flying around at high speed fighting even bigger robots in apocalyptic battles with laser and tracer fire lighting up the sky as explosions rock the ground and buildings crumble. Now imagine the perfect videogame recreation of this scenario. Got it? You have just imagined Armored Core For Answer. This game is worth it just for the Spirit of Motherwill battle alone. Good Stuff!

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