This week I have been mostly playing...

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sega Megadrive (gens+ emulator)

Decided to give this old classic a quick spin today. Needless to say within moments I had the joypad snatched out of my hands by a squealing girlfriend reliving her childhood (turned out she preferred Sonic 2 and I soon had the pad back!) All these years later the purity of the level design and overall charm of the game still shine through.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Xbox 360

Still loving CoD4 and I am finally getting to grips with the sniper rifles.

Gradius Galaxies
Gameboy Advance

Been without the DS for a few days so I have been back to playing this on my GBA. Still finding it very hard, although not as hard as Gradius III.

Colin McRae Dirt 2 (Demo)
Xbox 360

I downloaded the demo for this game from Xbox live and have been well impressed. I have an ever growing list of games I want to pick up when my student loan comes, this one may well be at the top.

Eve Online

Still loosing countless hours to this MMO. Damn you Eve!!!

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  1. Hey bud thanks for following my blog. I will follow you back. I really like your entries. Good thing you are still playing classics like Sonic. As a matter of fact, you inspired me to go play some Genesis right about now lol. Cya later


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