Blood Angels 1100 point force.

Ok so it's not the 1500 point list I promised but I keep changing my mind with that hypothetical list. Instead what I am posting is the force I would use tomorrow if I had a game. Bearing in mind my collection is still small It is basically all the models I currently have.

Captain, with Power Weapon and Inferno Pistol.

5 Marine Terminator Squad with Cyclone Missile Launcher.

10 Marine Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher and Flamer.
+ Rhino Dedicated Transport with Hunter Killer Missile and Extra Armour.
5 Marine Scout Squad with Heavy Bolter, Melta Bombs and Locator Beacon.
5 Marine Assault Squad with Powerfist and two Plasma Pistols.

Heavy Support
Dreadnought with Multi-Melta and Heavy Armour.
5 Marine Devastator Squad with one Missile Launcher.

Ok so all pretty standard early Space Marine army fayre apart from the underpowered Devastator squad. My reason for including this is that another 5 marines with a missile launcher is a useful little squad to have, Much more useful than a bolter armed Combat Squad in my opinion. I'm happy to trade the ability to capture objectives for a Missile Launcher + Re-roll. It can also be added to as and when.

So what do folk think? It's unlikely to see action this side of the new year by which time there should hopefully be some mechanised reinforcements provided by Santa.

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