Blood Angels Update

Well with some furious gluing and painting I have about 900 points of Blood Angels ready to take on the 41st Millennium.

My current force list for a 900 point game would be:


1) Captain 100


1) Terminator Squad (5 man) 200


1) Tactical Squad (10 man, Flamer, Missile Launcher) 170 + Rhino (HK Missile, Ext Armour) 75

2) Scout Squad (5 man, Heavy Bolter, Sgt with melta bomb) 90

3) Assault Squad (5 man, Plasma Pistol, Sgt with Plasma pistol and Power Fist) 155

Heavy Support

1)Dreadnought (Multi-melta) 105

Most of these are painted (with a few exceptions and none of the bases are done) so I hope to get some pictures up soon.

How this force will cope with a cunning adversary remains to be seen.


  1. No upgrades for the Captain?

  2. maybe a power weapon, and a combi flamer (although this would be something not on the model)

    When I have the cash he will be getting replaced by a librarian in Terminator Armour anyway


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