Santas Sack

Well Christmas has been and gone and despite earlier belief that I was getting some Warhammer 40k goodies I got... none.

Thats right not even a single Space Marine! However I did get some other awesome stuff and a bit of spending money (which has been promptly spent on a Razorback and a squad of Death Company!)

This with a little bit of shake-up of my current Blood Angels army list gives me just under 1400 points of red painted, power armoured lunatics to throw around a gaming table. What makes the purchases even better is that all the fantastic extra parts I won't be using in the Death Company box (and some left overs from my Space Marine Battleforce) also allows me to create my own custom Sternguard Veteran squad and another 5 Assault Marines, these two squads need a few other extras but I should be able to get these by spending less than another £15. At the moment budget constraints are preventing me from throwing any more cash at the army until the end of February, by then I should have a few more battles under my belt just in time for the predicted launch of the Storm Raven and a new Furioso Dreadnought.

I hope everyone else had a good Christmas and is ready to tear up 2011 with some 40k Carnage!


  1. I raided my bro's bitz box over xmas and managed to snag you 5 BA jump packs, if you want them?
    Might help bulk out some of your squads a little!

  2. damn right, will help me towards beefing up my assault squad :P


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