Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar

Well yesterday was the first proper outing for my semi painted Blood Angels. In the end I was able to muster up exactly 900 points. More or less the same as the army list published in this post. On the other side of the table from me was Rob with his newly assembled Dark Eldar force which consisted of two warrior squads with a heavy weapon of two, a unit of Reavers and two squads of witches, mounted in raiders,fully tooled up and one with a succubus. The scenario was a objective type with us each picking an objective to place in our own deployment zone.

The game ended in a draw on turn five with us having swapped objectives.

Highlights included:

My Rhinos Hunter Killer Missile living up to it's name causing one of the Raiders to explode showering debris and Witches everywhere on turn one.

The remaining Raider and the Witches now on foot sweeping towards my Terminators locking them in a deadly close combat that would last three turns (five Terminators against 16 Witches and a Succubus) on turn two.

My Assault squad managing down the last raider with plasma fire but the same squad members managing to shoot themselves and fail their armour saves in the following turn, The rest of the squad were wiped out in this ill fated attack on the Witches on turn four.

At the end of the game I was left with fours scouts, one tactical sergeant, my Captain and the Rhino. The Dark Eldar still had most of their witches left.

I learnt several things today, Dark Eldar Witches are nasty and should be avoided at all costs! It would help to know a little of the enemies stats and abilities before the game. Space Marine scouts are a nice useful unit if used to correctly and Hunter Killer missiles could be the best ten points you ever spend!

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