Traveller Campaign

Those who remember a previous post may recall me say I was running a Traveller campaign in February. After a week of Sci-Fi inspiration (working in a bakery would you believe it) I have begun to plan the first couple of adventures. As all but one of the players have never played Traveller before I am hoping to ease them gently into both the setting and the rules so the first adventure about an old deserted starship ( which I have entitled, Long lost suns) will be a number of set encounters to highlight the various aspects of what makes a Traveller game.
The second adventure which is nameless at the moment will revolve around a guerilla war being fought in an asteroid belt which the players find themselves involved in.

On top of this i have also found time to create two backup characters for if any of the players manage to roll up truly unplayable characters on the first night. Both of these characters used the standard random tables but are more than playable.

The first I call the Diplomatic Merchant, whose career has taught him a wide number of skills and given him all he would want to try and strike it out on his own (or with friends)

The second I call the Unlucky Marine, his career has been one failure after another, despite impressive combat skills. With little more than his gun and the clothes on his back he hopes some old friends can get him out of the mire of his current life.

I'm looking forward to running now, can't wait till February. :(

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