What to do with 15 Tactical Marines

Well I've had everything I want out of my Space Marine Battleforce kit leaving me with 15 Tactical Marines I really don't need.

So my plans are to buy some of the Umbra Ferrox Bolters from Forgeworld and make me a squad of Sternguard. This should be easy with some of the bitz I am already amassing to make them look a little different. I also intend to use the bitz in the Death Company kit to make another five Assault marines, bringing my Assault squad up to full strength.

As a side note I have just attached an old cyclone launcher to one of my Black Reach Terminators giving my Terminator squad some much needed support firepower.

I'm looking forward to what Santa manages to bring me for Christmas, on my list was a Baal Predator and a Razorback to give my force more vehicle based firepower.

Does anyone have any cunning ideas about what I can do with the last five Marines? I could use them as a five man Tactical squad or I could give one the missile launcher and count them as a Devastator squad (to be improved over time).

Well that's it for today, I will be posting an updated 1500 point army list based on what I learnt fighting Robs Dark Eldar in the next few days.

For Baal and Sanguinius!

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